In May 2012, Brooklyn-based composer Rebecca Brandt mixed electro-acoustic, contemporary classical and electronic sounds to create her debut album Numbers & Shapes. It featured 14 tracks of original compositions, written and orchestrated for 30+ instruments. Numbers & Shapes: Revisited is a dance-floor driven remix album which features 14 remixes from the likes of Starkey, Policy, Dakini9, Nicuri, Doctor Jeep and more. 

Purchase : Numbers & Shapes
Purchase : Numbers & Shapes Revisited

Review : Francis Hsueh aka Policy drops a new two-tracker on Jersey City's Green Village after a string of 12"s on Rush Hour and the fledgeling Argot imprint...all in all, a pretty tasty last couple of years from the NYC producer! "Come Through For Me" is a laid-back, swelteringly deep house number featuring some gorgeous percussion work and a whole ocean of otherworldly synths and atmospherics - a true head case! Over on the flip, rising producer Thefft transforms the original into a considerably more floor-ready cut; adding in a harder percussion flex and an altogether tougher groove. Both valid, both choice jams for the club. A lil' tip from us to you! -- Juno

Review : Dakini9 has previously released on Plan B Recordings with DJ Spider. Pretty solid release here on New Jersey's recently inaugurated Green Village. First track "Driftwould" is atmospheric dub techno that's immersive and emotional as much as it is tough. "Howler" is brilliant; a dark and introverted cut whose 909 kick tears through the speakers accompanied by haunting sound design and epic strings; just perfect for the warm up set. On the flip we have two versions of "Desolation" the original being a tough minimal house cut with its recurring "We are all alone" vocal sample. Not exactly the most positive affirmation for 10 AM dancefloors, but we still like it! The DJ Spider remix is surprisingly more ethereal dreamy and dare we say it; uplifting. Tip! -- Juno